"Horoscope is an astrological representation of a person. It is the placement of various grahas and nakshatras when a person is born. Taking into account the accurate time, date and place of birth, various aspects of a human can be analysed."


Numerology predictions go by your date of birth. Your date of birth contains wealth of information about your personality and future. Add up all the digits of your date of birth to get your life path number.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu is an ancient Vedic science that defines layout of building- a house or an office complex should be designed in a manner that goes in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces.

Matrimonial Consultancy

Astrology for marriage can be a great help for guidance in marriage. To check about the timing of marriage people choose marriage prediction by name and date of birth. This is to see that there is good compatibility between the couple and they can lead a happy life ahead.

Astrology by Thumb impression
(Nadi Astrology)

Your thumb impression is important because it is unique. Nadi Astrology uses your thumb impression to predict your destiny. That is one difference in Nadi Astrology that sets it apart from traditional astrology that requires you to give your birth details.

Astrology over Phone

Everyone will agree to the fact that it is not always possible to get a face-to-face consultation with your astrologer. This is where live astrology on phone comes in handy. One can easily get in touch with Shri O P Maurya irrespective of time, distance, and availability

about palmistryPE

Palmistry is a centuries-old tool for self-enquiry. Palmistry is based on the tenet that your hand is a map of your self - your potential, your strengths and your challenges. Your hand, like you, grows and changes in response to external events and experiences. In palmistry, the hand is viewed as a microcosm of the macrocosm of the self.



Duties, Diligence, Organisation, Systems, Rules, Responsibilities


Leadership, Ambition, Self-Confidence, Charisma, Idealism, Religion, Spirituality


Anger, Assertiveness, Taking Action


Talents, Appreciation, Success, Happiness, Creativity, Self-Expression


Love, relationships


Teaching, Learning, Intelligence, Children, Healing


Subconscious, Sensitivity, Nurturing, Health, Mother Story

Hand AnalysisPE

There are three key aspects palmists explore on the hands: they examine the fingers and the lines and mounts of the palm.

Practical - square-looking, indicating patient, consistent, grounded qualities

Cone-shaped - cone-like fingers, hand wider at the base, indicating creativity, originality, sensitivity

Psychic - long fingers / thin palm, pinky/Mercury finger often pointed, indicating imagination, intuition and psychic gifts

Philosophical - long fingers / slender hand indicating analytical skills, diplomacy, studios, hermit-like

let's work togetherPE

All hands are different... There must be a meaning in it